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    Friday, Saturday & Sunday, December 2, 3, 4 in Houston, Texas

    Doubles 5 PM Friday, Dec 2,.

    Singles Championship Saturday and Sunday, Dec 3 and 4 starting at 11 AM



    Location: The Wellness Center at the University of Houston, Houston TX.

    Anyone in the World Can Play in this World Tournament!

    Plan now to Play in the World Air Hockey Championship!

    Sanctioned by the United States Air Hockey Association

    41 Years of Air Hockey Events and More to Come!

    Yes, 6 PM, Thursday December 1 there will be a Point Spot Tournament (Handicap Event)

    Registration Details to be Announced Soon!


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    Hi everyone,

    I’ve been pretty quiet recently, but for (relatively) good reason as I’ve recently started a new job and been dealing with some health issues in my family for the past few months now. Unfortunately, this all means that I will be unable to attend the event this year, which is pretty disappointing as I know this is the time to show as much support as possible for the sport we all know and love. As much as I’ll miss the competition, I’ll miss the ability to reconnect with my Air Hockey family even more.

    Good luck to everyone who participates, and I *will* see you next year!


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    Joe, we know you will return to air hockey action in 2017!

    We will miss you here December 3 and 4th. Who will represent California air hockey this year?

    There is Good News!

    Pedro and three others are coming from Venezuela! If they get their tickets today they can make it to Florida and drive to Houston for the Air Hockey World Tournament.

    Also, got word today that the Legacy Players from the beginning of Air Hockey are playing! Paul Marshall, Rolf Moore, Don Bearden, and still active Robert Hernandez will be entering the tournament to compete in the sport they have helped create. Amazing!

    If you are on the fence, jump on the Air Hockey side and get to Houston on Saturday any way you can.

    There is a new upsurge of Air Hockey on college campuses as clubs are being formed.

    San Antonio, TX has revitalized also. They will compete.

    The new campus location is great. The trophies and T Shirts are ready. The cash is green.

    Come join the fun with friends and battle on the Table for World Ranking!



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    Why has there been no information about who is signed up for the tourney. There has also not been any info about hotels, help getting people from airport etc. Usually there is more info. All we know is the location and the time it starts.



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    Here are two reasonable hotels a short drive from the University of Houston site:

    Quality Inn & Suites NRG Park – Medical Center
    2364 South Loop West
    Houston, TX 77054

    La Quinta Inn Houston Greenway Plaza
    4015 Southwest Fwy
    Houston, TX 77027-7499

    Also, across the street from the actual UH Recreation and Wellness Center is the UH Hilton. It is pricey, but oh so close to the site; you can walk over in three minutes.

    The other hotels in the UH neighborhood are sketchy. But if one is flying into Hobby Airport, it has Holiday Inn and others beside it, and that airport is only 15 minute drive from UH.

    (There several UH campuses; we will be at the Main Campus in the Recreation and Wellness Center at University of Houston
    Address: 4500 University Dr, Houston, TX 77004.)

    Please contact me at 713 540 8670 for more information about how to get from the airport(s) to the UH area. There are shuttles, buses, and, if the timing works, a volunteer player may be able to pick you up. Try to avoid traffic times.

    The field will be competitive with World Champ Colin Cummings and 4 Time Finalist Pedro Otero. The rest of the roster will be known as registration is completed. We do know that the Legacy Players will play, including Paul Marshall, Robert Hernandez, Rolf Moore, Don Bearden, and a couple of others.


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    Good luck to everyone. I wish I could go to be there to just help out with things, maybe play doubles. I won’t be going however. Keith, please go. You are an amazing player. I hope you find a way…

    Good luck all. Thank you to people like Phil, Tim, Rosen, Andy, Accrocco, and Chris Lee, etc., who run these tournaments. How wonderful things could be if we could all unify the player base(s). And yes, I need to be one to practice what I preach on that… Unity. I’m behind all you guys, my Airhockey family. I love you all, even those who I made hate me at times. Please have a wonderful tournament. And may you all be the best you can be….


    Mark Robbins
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    Will the tournament be streamed? Web address?

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