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    United States Air Hockey Association
    Published by J Phillip Arnold · Just now ·

    The Unites States Air Hockey Association announces sanctioning of the 2018 World Air Hockey Championship in Colorado Springs, Co. this July 27-29 presented by AHPA.

    We urge all AH players in the world to enter this amazing event!

    Please read the following details presented by Brian Accrocco, COO of AHPA:

    Greetings Airhockey players and fans:

    It is my privilege to share with this community the sanctioning standards and format guidelines as agreed-upon by the USAA and AHPA. The link below will allow you access to five key documents that provide details for the event sanctioning, format, and seeding (in work). The documents are as follows:

    • 2018 AHPA World Championships New Format Questions and Answers
    • 2018 AHPA World Championships Benefits of a Qualifier System
    • 2018 AHPA World Championship Qualifier Process
    • 2018 AHPA World Championships Qualifier Model
    • 2018 AHPA World Championships Sanctioning Agreement with USAA

    Link to official documents: https://tinyurl.com/ahwc2018

    The Q&A document explains the formatting change thoroughly. We are happy to entertain any other questions that you may have. The short and sweet version of it is that if we have more than 48 competitors for the open singles, there will be a qualifier where a certain number of people are automatically seeded and everybody else competes for the open seeds. Those who do not qualify for the “Professional” bracket then compete in the “Expert” bracket. So everybody gets a full tournament. Full details are in the Q&A document. The benefits doc explains the reasoning and benefits for all sides for this approach. The Qualifier process and model docs outline the criteria used for seeding and executing the Qualifier rounds. The last doc is the sanctioning agreement between the USAA and AHPA. We are sharing, as both organizations feels transparency is king.
    The only remaining piece to be completed is the Absolute Seed List (ASL). In short, both organizations have different ways that we seed (USAA using rankings and AHPA uses ratings). As a compromise, we are creating a special methodology for this event that uses current USAA rankings with historical data, rating and expert evaluation to create the most accurate list possible. Andy Yevish is our selected expert and continues to work with USAA and AHPA on the most accurate approach. Once we have the ASL finalized, we will publish it. We are targeting completion by late June.

    Early registration for the USAA sanctioned 2018 AHPA World Championships ends on May 31. Entry fee prices go up after that. Don’t wait. If you are ready to make the commitment and come and compete, click on http://www.r2sports.com/website/event-website.asp?TID=24941 (or copy and paste in your browser) and register at the pre-registration cost. You will need to create an R2Sports account to pre-register, but only minimal information is required at time of account creation. If you have any trouble navigating the registration process, please contact Chris Lee at 303-720-5160 or Brian Accrocco at 281-795-6376 for assistance.

    To see who has officially registered already click http://www.r2sports.com/website/participants.asp….

    Brian D. Accrocco
    COO, Air Hockey Players Association
    Former president, United States Airhockey Association

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