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    Mark Robbins
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    So I went to the Spin “ping-pong social club” in Chicago today. They have 5 cities now. Great venue. They have food, bars, and the only games are ping-pong. 18 tables with good lighting, seating, etc.

    I gave one of the managers info on AH. He sounded interested but he doesn’t make decisions. Susan Sarandon is behind the whole thing, it started in New York. Being in downtown Chicago, with high real state costs, I can’t see how they can make money, although at $25-$39/hour per table, it’s more expensive than AH. And AH tables certainly cost way more than ping-pong tables. AH would be perfect for them, same kind of fast table game, but you don’t have to chase the puck after every score!

    Not sure why people would pay almost $40/hour (peak times) to play when you can buy a good table for $500. But I like their moxie in opening a ping-pong emporium. We need a rich celebrity fanatical about AH to open an AH emporium.

    For some reason they like the word “ping-pong” when most of the world-level competitors prefer “table tennis”. And funny that at the bottom of their web page they say “ping-pong” is a registered trademark of Escalade Sports. Here’s a web site where Escalade is trying to salvage the trademark: http://www.pingpong.com/ Although they seem to get a little more respect than Brunswick does for its trademark claim on AH, that’s pretty much a lost cause.


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    Oddly, Ping Pong is actually the proper name for that sport, *not* Table Tennis. Look it up. 😉

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