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    Billy Stubbs
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    No significant new blood and Colin is going to dominate for years.

    With that being said, the tournaments in CO have been dismal. As a community, it is our responsibility to decide if we consider these events part of our body of “world championships” or not. Seems pretty clear cut that they should not be: small turn-outs, few top players, not USAA sanctioned. If Joe Schmo holds a tournament in his garage next week and calls it a “world championship”, is it? No, it’s not. Neither are these.


    Mark Robbins
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    (This response is being posted at both airhockeyworld.com and airhockey.com forums). As Billy said, no one has a trademark on “Worlds”. Anyone could have a tournament and call it “Worlds”. Go on youtube and you’ll see plenty of beginners playing each other on toy tables in their basement for the “World Championship”.

    So what about the AHPA Worlds? It is what it is. As the AHPA stated in the Gazette article, they broke off from USAA and conducted their own Worlds. It’s up to the players to decide what that means and how significant it is. Same with any other group or individual that comes along outside of USAA and holds its own “Worlds”.

    My own preference would have been for AHPA to label its tournament in a manner more in line with the actual number of Master-level competitors who play in it. In other words, calling it a “State” or “Regional” championship. An added benefit would be that it wold be compatible with the State Games format. The other competitions there are not called “Worlds” or “Nationals”, they are state or at most regional championships. And – an AHPA State in Colorado would most likely qualify to be de facto sanctioned by USAA, unless AHPA explicitly rejects it. Only Worlds/Nationals require a petition for sanctioning, and of course, AHPA did not apply this year for USAA Worlds sanctioning.

    So maybe AHPA can keep that in mind for any future event. In the meantime, it is what it is: AHPA just conducted its 2nd AHPA Worlds. USAA will be conducting its 56th Worlds/Nationals later this fall (date still under negotiation). Players will decide what hierarchy they give to various events by different groups.

    Finally: Colin is the best player in the world now, so any tournament he plays in will have World-champion level skill, at least from him. That’s true even if Colin hosts a tournament in his basement for his friends.


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    I wonder if we should start to quantify the quality of the field based on some calculation relating to the average rating of the field, rather than our current “flat” rating values for events of various status. It might eliminate some of the “he said/she said” among both AHPA and USAA as far as which organization has held the “better” events. (At least it’s not really fudge-able that way.) Using atendance figures (which have historically fluctuated and are sometimes not a very good indicator of overall field quality) as a baseline to determine the quality of an event is, perhaps, an outdated concept by now?

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