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    Brian A is selling his tables after the worlds this year. I’m putting this thought out into cyberspace, let’s buy a few of them as a community and open a clubhouse. Jeorgia and I have been looking around Houston and have found a few places. Please comment on this thread if you are interested. If there is enough interest we will pull the trigger on a space.
    Our thoughts is to have a subscription/monthly to the players to use the space and the tables would be on free play. For those less inclined we could have a daily rate. This would be a 24/7 space with smartphone access, bathrooms, lockers and maybe a minifirdge and/or snack machine
    Pricing thoughts
    Monthly $40
    Daily $10

    The overhead is low, but there needs to be enough interest to set this idea up.


    Mark Robbins
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    I know this idea has been discussed before, I’d be all for it. But then, there are associated costs that may or may not make it difficult. I might be able to provide one or two GSG tables.

    I did an AH exhibition at Bumpernets in Birmingham a month ago, he has all kinds of games but specializes in ping pong tables on time play. Has tournaments and instruction, etc. But this is a full-fledged arcade in a fancy mall.

    If you could attract youth groups and kids with after-school leagues, instruction, etc., this might be a good source of revenue for the place.



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    Thanks Mark,
    looks as if there is still not a lot of interest on this idea. I’ll try at the worlds to get some excitement going about it though. Thanks for the GSG offer! If this picks up we would love to have one or two of your tables if we can swing the cost! 🙂

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