Air Hockey

The Worlds Fastest Table Sport


Colin Cummings

2019 World Champion, Current #1 Ranked Player


Vince Sauceda

Current #2 USAA Ranked Player


Jacob Weissman

2017 USAA World Champion


The THRILL of Victory...and Agony of Defeat!


2018 Doubles Tournament

Brian Quezada and Dan Meyer



Tim Weissman vs Davis Lee



Experience the intensity


The Final Table
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There is nothing more satisfying than finding yourself in a tough match, with the World Title on the line, having to dig really deep and look inside yourself...and find what you are looking for...

Tim Weissman, 10-time World Champion

I wondered, "How good could I get at it?"

Phil Arnold, Founder of the USAA

I'm still GREAT!

Paul Marshall, Master player